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Care & Maintenance

Cedar Roofing and Siding products need minimal maintenance aside from the usual practices associated with good house keeping. Keeping it clean and free from debris, in itself will prolong the life of the project.

Specialized cleaning should be only be undertaken by professionals who may use certain cleaning chemicals to enhance the look of the project.

Keeping branches and shrubs away is also good practice as this will minimize dirt and eliminate fungi growth. Installing Zinc or Copper strips can also be effective in controlling this.

For roofs, it is important to keep overhanging branches away as well as periodically removing leaves, as it needs to breathe.

Western Red Cedar contains natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay and insect damage. These natural preservatives are toxic to decay causing fungi. To give roofing products total protection against moss and fungi, CCA treatment is available prior to installation.

Under no circumstances should your products be exposed to high pressure water typical from the DIY pressure washers, as this can tear in to the fibers of the wood and damage it permanently. Cleaning can be done using a garden hose, anything more than that should be left to a roof care professional.

Individual pieces can be replaced quite easily without affecting the performance or look of the project as the natural qualities of cedar have remained consistent for centuries.