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As a PEFC Chain of Custody Certified Mill, Imperial Shake understands the responsibility it has to the environment and to the community at large. Imperial Shake ensures that its log supply, which comes from over-mature, fallen or dead trees, is from areas consistent with the sound forest stewardship practices commonplace in the industry. This commitment to responsible manufacturing practices further contributes to the well known fact that Cedar is by far the greenest roofing or siding product known to man, being the only renewable roofing /siding resource.


An incredible 99.99% of all inbound material is either utilized or consumed, the by-products of the manufacturing process are used for fuel or manufacturing other green products.

The use of Cedar as a roofing or siding material is known to decrease heating costs up to as much as 15%, keeping buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter due to its insulation value, which also leads to less greenhouse emissions.

Cedar has the lowest carbon footprint of roofing and siding material as production methods ensure that low amounts of energy are used and nominal pollution is emitted.

Protecting our environment is of paramount importance to the responsible society of today, using Cedar products endorses that.